Batman Arkham Knight is aiming for console parity

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The darkest knight is on old-gen

It could be said that I have a bat in my console belfry. Batman: Arkham Knight is a damned pretty game, make no mistake, as it’ll most likely push current-gen systems to their limits. One thing it won’t be doing however, is setting tongues wagging as to which platform has the best version of the caped crusader, as developer Rocksteady is going for some of that console parity mojo before the game releases.

“We’re about six months away from going gold. So we don’t know what the resolution and the frame rate’s going to be yet. That’s something that happens during the optimization phase of the game,” Rocksteady said in a livestream session via Gamespot.

We’re aiming for parity across all platforms. Whatever it is, it’s going to be awesome.

Fret not PC fans. Console parity will most likely not hinder your attempts to make the console Batman look like Adam West in comparison to your Michael Keaton (the bestest vigilante) dark knight simulator. You’ll probably still be able to burn your rig out, and even if that option isn’t available, there’ll be a mod or two to help you out when the game launches anyway.

From my own experiences playing early builds of the game, I can say that Batman: Arkham Knight looks sexier than your favourite Batmobile. It’s a massive step forward for the series, with the Batman himself looking more like a badass human weapon and less like a bundle of roid rage muscles jammed into spandex. Those demos that I went hands-on with, were running at a rather decent 30fps, with only minimal juddering experienced during the more climatic sequences. Still, that was in June and I have confidence that Rocksteady has worked them out by now.

The game is out in June on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Last Updated: November 11, 2014

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