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Darryn has been telling us all about the new DLC coming to Batman: Arkham Origins. Cold, Cold Heart looks to add all those things to the game that he originally griped weren’t present. Now we have a launch trailer to gawk at, and it sorta makes me want to get the game now.

Okay, before Arnie played him in that atrocious movie I didn’t really know too much about Mr. Freeze. But the more recent interpretations of his character have been darker and, um, cooler than before. For the game, we already heard details of the story, learned there would be new bat-toys, and heard about the Bat’s new suit. The launch trailer shows off all those things, and more:

For the non-video inclined among you, it starts with a stunning rendition of Auld Lang Syne, interspersed with scenes of Mr Freeze making his cold entrance. This is followed by impressive scenes of Batman’s XE suit and a glowing red Batarang, as well as some cool combat scenes. It’s all quite action packed and seems to add the new types of gameplay that Darryn said were originally lack from Origins.

I’m glad to see that the expansion is looking so good, although I’m curious if all the bugs Darryn also experience in the core game have been squashed. It’s great to see such a cool DLC that adds a new suit, tools and presumably combat mechanisms. However, I still think fans of the franchise are way more excited for Rocksteady’s return with Batman: Arkham Knight. At least this DLC should keep fans satisfied until we can hear more about that game.


Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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