“Battle of the Next Gen”– the Xbox One is in trouble

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Microsoft’s decision to scrap the Xbox One’s controversial DRM and perpetual internet connectivity has certainly helped turn the overwhelming tide of negativity that’s surrounded the system since its reveal in May. Before the backpeddling, just about every Xbox  gamer had sworn allegiance as a PlayStation neophyte – but that’s obviously changed. Just how much?

Not nearly enough, if Gamespot’s “Battle of Next Gen” Twitter battle is any indication. As of writing, over 75 000 have tweeted using a hashtag to declare their allegiances – and the odds are overwhelmingly leaning in the PlayStation direction. 

In fact, 88% of respondents have allied with Sony in the next gen war. Even the Xbox’s home turf, the USA, has an 89% to 11% split in Sony’s favour. The only territory that seems to have any sort of Xbox favour is Saudi Arabia, with 43% of its tweeters sticking with Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Here’s a map; showing PS4 allied territories in blue, and Xbox ones in Green. Do not adjust your sets; there is nothing wrong with the picture..it’s just that nobody on the planet seems keens on the Xbox One right now.


Even Switzerland seems to have chosen a side. On which side of the fence are you sitting?

Last Updated: July 8, 2013

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