Battleborn’s E3 demo is typical Gearbox fun

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Battleborne heroes

I like the Gearbox team. They are a fun and silly bunch and their games reflect a particular brand of humor found in all their titles. Sandy and I both got opportunities to go hands-on with the game (you can read our thoughts here and here), and we both had some fun with the new title, even if we still had our doubts.

Of course, it’s hard to gauge much at this point in development – was the demo made too easy? Is the game itself going to move at this pace? How indicative are our experiences of the final product? Well, at least now you can see some of the game with your own eyes instead of just reading our words. Here is the E3 demo:

The character designs are rather cool, and I’m glad that there are so many different types of heroes to choose from. While I like a ranged hero in general, there are still a bunch to choose from. Yes, Thorn was a whole lot of fun to play as, but so was Marquis, and they’re totally different in their designs, skills and abilities.

As a new IP, Battleborn will face the usual challenges that go with introducing a whole new concept to gamers. It’s not quite a MOBA, not quite Borderlands, focused on co-op but can be played alone. A big differentiator with this game is that there are so many heroes to choose from and you can pick a different one for each level. This will help with stumbling blocks along the way, but I wonder how often players will actually change their hero of choice if all they’re doing is playing through the story.

Does the demo show you something new, or are you still on the fence about Battleborn?

Last Updated: June 29, 2015

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