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Battlefield 3 is going to have thousands of weapon customisation options

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Picture the scene. You’re trekking through some treacherous jungle terrain, the paths thick with trees and foliage, when you spot the enemy, and you get ready to fire. But damn it, why did you equip only red dot sight to your rifle, instead of a handy zoom lens, while your sweaty hands mean that the gun has more recoil than a poorly operated rollercoaster ride at that dodgy carnival.

Fortunately, the customisation options in Battlefield 3 are going to be a lot more detailed this year, with the developers DICE commenting that there are thousands of options available.

The game’s Battleblog recently explained that each gun will have three accessory slots for unlocked accessories, with the unlocks specific to a certain gun being picked up the more that particular weapon is used.

Battleblog gave an example of this with a rifle that was customised with a heavy barrel, a bipod and a 4X combat magnification scope, making that weapon perfect for medium to long range combat targets, or as a suppressing fire weapon. On the other hand, if you fancy some close quarters combat option, adding a suppressor, foregrip and a quick acquisition holographic scope would make for a better rifle in that situation.

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There will be tons of unlocks as battle rages on in the game, from optic enhancements,grips and grenade launchers to flashlights and much more.

So, if you’ve ever fancied building the ultimate weapon, it looks like Battlefield 3 has you covered, when it launches later this year.

Source: Battleblog via Eurogamer

Last Updated: August 26, 2011

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