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Battlefield 3’s single player wont compromise multiplayer

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Most modern games add multiplayer elements where non previously existed, leading the developers to reassure fans by insisting that the multi-player wont affect the single-player campaign. It’s the complete opposite for Battlefield, a series (barring the Bad Company spin-off) that’s been entirely multiplayer-focused until now. Yes, Battlefield 3 will include a single player campaign.

And yes, the developers are reassuring fans, insisting that the single-player campaign won’t affect the multiplayer. Welcome to topsy-turvy world.

Speaking to Edge Magazine, DICE’s executive producer Patrick Bach assured gamers that the game will cater to two different groups. "Most people that hate singleplayer are the ones that love multiplayer. That’s fine – you don’t have to play it," he told the magazine. "We want the product to cater for the people who do like singleplayer and also the people who like multiplayer – and we are adding co-op, too – trying to fill the gaps all the way from the hardcore full-on Conquest mode, to the narrative-driven singleplayer.”

"People just have to understand that we aren’t taking people away from one thing or the other. We’re just making the product bigger."

Read the whole interview at Edge.

Battlefield 3 will release for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the end of October.

Last Updated: July 6, 2011

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