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Battlefield Bad Company Conquest Mode

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Battlefield Conquest Mode

So the much touted Conquest mode was made available yesterday and I truly hope you have all downloaded the 80Mb free DLC that is available on the Marketplace?

Well I did and then started up Battlefield, chose multi-player -> ranked -> quick match. It then through me into a game protecting some Gold crate… This wasn’t going to plan.

I quickly destroyed everyone in the game and left to cheering supporters… okay that’s not quite true but it doesn’t matter.

I then went to Custom Games and saw a new option (I think) which you now use to choose your game type. It was currently on Gold Rush and a quick flick of the stick changed it to Conquest.

I jumped into the game and I have to say that it is an entirely different game now, it’s fantastic. I have only played two quick rounds so far but it is safe to say that I am no longer bored with Battlefield and can see myself losing many more hours of my life capturing flag poles.

For those new to conquest the only point here is to stand under flagpoles and lower the enemies flag and raise yours. You get 30 points for that and the drain on your team health bar slows… The first team to run out of ‘health’ loses.

My best moment ever in Battlefield happened this morning when I came around the corner and saw the distinctive red dot of an enemy but I had a problem of there being a wall in the way. So I swapped to my n00b tube, blew a whole in the wall. Jumped through my new doorway and took the guy out with a barrage of bullets from my M16, turned left and stabbed the guy running up.

Pure gaming brilliance… I love destructible environments…

Last Updated: August 8, 2008

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  1. Fred

    August 8, 2008 at 10:08

    For ps3 it is 97Mb , and all worth it. From the site:’ Four existing maps have been redesigned along with all new lighting and weather effects,…’
    It looks better now too .


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