Battlefield V gameplay designer banned from Black Ops 4 for being too good

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As the Core Gameplay Designer at DICE working on Battlefield V, former FNATIC player Florian Le Bihan – DRUNKKZ3 – is very good at first-person shooters. Yes, even ones not made by DICE. Le Bihan has been playing a spot of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and happens to be quite adept at shooting people in the head.

So much so, that he appears to have been banned, for being too good. It’s likely that Le Bihan triggered the automatic anti-cheating systems in the game and been flagged as an aimbot-using, cheating nogoodnik. He appealed to Treyarch to remove the ban, using footage of his unassisted sniping glory.

What makes the situation a little funny though is that the same thing actually happened with Battlefield 1. That game’s own anti-cheating system – Fairfight – pegged good players as cheaters, banning many players in the process.

Still, LOOK A THIS. No wonder he was banned.

Last Updated: October 24, 2018

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