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Battlelog may be the reason BF4 beats COD this year

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Last night EA Games and DICE released a new video showcasing the upgraded Battlelog that will be shipping with Battlefield 4 – and this could actually become quite a game changer.

Here’s the video and then we’ll break it down


First up, we have the statistics which Battlelog has always shown us and which is very similar to the Call of Duty Elite system. Personally I find this cool for about 30 minutes and then I get bored and never load it again.


Obviously this stuff could be of interest to the serious contenders but for the mainstream it’s nothing more than a funky screen.

Setup Classes

The next cool part is that you can setup and configure your classes on your mobile phone, pc or tablet while at work or your friends place. Imagine you’re at the pub chatting about the game and someone mentions that you should really equip your engineer with the crossbow instead of a rocket launcher.

He can load up the app and show you how many tanks he’s taken down with the crossbow (RAMBO!) and you can then load up yours and set your guy up so he’s ready to rock as soon as you get home.

What’s more,  you can also use your Battlelog to change your load-out while playing. If that crossbow isn’t actually working you can swap it back to the rocket launcher on the tablet and the next time you spawn you will be back to kicking ass.

Server Selection

Running straight on from that you can also use Battlelog to choose the server that you want to play on. So you can all agree that when you get home you are going to boot up Battlefield 4 and join up on Jim Johnny’s Uber N00b Pwnage Server.

You select the server in the app and then when you get home you click one button and you will jump into the server with your pre-selected classes all ready to go.


Second screens are the way of the future, if the publishers are to be believed – and Battlefield 4 and Battlelog pair up perfectly as a second screen. Except this time, the second screen is a damn fine idea.

You can place your iPad next to you while you game and it can turn into a large version of your mini map. This makes it a lot easier to see what’s going on with your team mates and objectives and what’s even better is that you can mark targets simply by touching the screen.

This marker will then be shown to everyone in your team instantly


For a game that is as tactical as Battlefield this could be invaluable.


This new feature is easily my most anticipated. Battlelog will now enable you to create specific missions that you can invite your friends to compete in. For example if drunken Johnny insists he is the top tank killer on the planet and no one can touch him then simply create a tank killing mission and get him to join.

This will now act like a custom leaderboard for everyone in the mission and at the end of the game your number of tanks destroyed will be stored on the leaderboard, if it beat your last score.

If you are leading and Johnny overtakes you then your phone will notify you to stop messing around at the pub and get home to start taking out more tanks.


It’s not clear how specific these missions can be but I’m hoping we can set one up to see who can destroy the most tanks with a crossbow… since I don’t believe that’s possible.

Oh these missions are time based,  and the crew behind Battlefield will continuously add new community missions to the game to keep even the forever alone kids entertained.

And something just for us – Geo leader boards


We South Africans love to complain about how bad our Internet is and the only reason that snot-nosed yank beat us is because of lag… when in fact it’s because he plays 24/7 and is actually just damned good. But now with the introduction of Geo Leader boards we can easily see who is the best player in South Africa or if you have less lofty goals how about looking at who the best player in Gauteng or Randburg or Randpark Ridge is?

This would be an awesome addition to school tournaments and something that the MSSA should really look at to choose the best players from each province; invite the top 20 people in the leaderboard per province to attend trials and then really get the best the country has to offer.

Last Updated: July 26, 2013

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