Become a monkey god with Far Cry 4’s season pass

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The gates to Kryat open today as Far Cry 4 is now on shelves everywhere. By the looks of things it’s a pretty great sequel, and definitely the one Ubisoft game you should be picking up this year. In keeping up with the times, Far Cry 4 will, of course, have a Season Pass filled to the brim with DLC, and it all looks pretty great actually.

I’m not a huge fan of post-release content, but even I’m struggling to look at Far Cry 4’s additional content and not drool a little. We’ve already detailed what the Season Pass will have to offer, including new missions, extended multiplayer and some fun with our primate brothers. Seeing it all in action, however, makes it far more interesting.

Especially since Far Cry 4 is just oozing a unique sense of style with its (literally) explosive gameplay. You can check out what the season pass has to offer below, including your first brief look at a rather monstrous Yeti.

I haven’t had the chance to play Far Cry 4 yet, but I can already tell that Hurk and I are going to be best buddies. Who else would describe a massive, out-of-place harpoon gun as “the thang in and out of the bedroom”?

I also can’t wait to weapons my personal monkey army, and I do hope I can give then something a little more useful that poop to fling around. A face full of that is pretty humiliating before the monkey leader (that’s you and I) arrives with a shotgun, but a barrage of monkey-thrown hand grenades sounds so much better.

The Season Pass will net you all of the game’s DLC for a reduced price, so if you’re looking to extend your stay in Pagan Min’s paradise then this might be the perfect package. Will you be picking this up for the chance to go toe-to-toe with a Yeti, or is all of this DLC talk on launch day a little too sour for your taste?

Last Updated: November 18, 2014

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