Become the ultimate survivor in Dying Light

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Is the zombie genre of gaming running dryer than creatively bankrupt Savannah beer commercials? Quite possibly, yes it is. That’s because most developers aren’t exactly adding anything new to the genre, relying on the same old clichés and jump-scares in order to sell their game. One title that actually feels like a fresh spin on zombie killing and survival though? Dying Light, which will have you cursing like a sailor when the sun goes down.

Here’s the latest trailer for Dying Light, just ahead of Gamescom. If you’re looking for proper zombie action and gore that isn’t hampered by Brad Pitt and his impossibly well-maintained flowing locks of hair, then you’ve come to the right place:

In case you missed my E3 recap on this game, here’s the lowdown on it: Jy sal kak.

While Dying Light has an unmistakeably cool zombie-killing exterior during daylight hours when you scavenge for parts and supplies, the game really dials up the terror once the sun sets and the infected get a nocturnal evolution that makes them faster, sneakier and hungrier. And did I mention that the bastards climb up after you, making no location in the game safe?

In other words, it’s all about survival, and that’s something that the game pulls off so well, judging by the amount of sweat and the fact that my knuckles where whiter than the inside of a Woolworths food shop when I was done playing. Dying Light is out next year, if you have the stomach or enough clean pants to survive the terror.

Good night and good f***ing luck, in case you want to survive.

Last Updated: August 11, 2014

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