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Behold RED, the first locally produced Ouya game

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The Ouya is almost upon us, and it’s promising a home console experience that favours the little guy. What that means, is a ton of games, and most likely quite a bit of shovelware as well. But amongst all those upcoming quick and casual games is one title that is going to have a local bend to it. A game by the name of…RED.


Created by Jack and Sam Shiels, born and raised in Constantia where they spend most of their days, the game has you playing as Rick Steele. There’s a city to save, and mutants to kill along the way. Here’s the trailer for the game, and a few screenshots to tide you over when the duo finish it in the middle of the year.




It looks like Minecraft on gun drugs so far, and if the two Shiels bros can promise me some more Hipster killing, I’ll buy the game when it’s out on iOS as well.

Last Updated: March 14, 2013

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