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Behold, the $10 000 Collector’s Edition game!

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I think it’s pretty clear by now, that I happen to be a huge fan of Collector’s Editions. I’m already making plans to somehow get my hands on that massive Borderlands 2 CE, that happens to come with all manner of goodies, nestled in an actual loot box.

Thing is, those special editions aren’t cheap. But at least they won’t cost me $10 000, like this very limited version of the upcoming Krater game.

So what does R80 000 Victor Edition get you? Well, it won’t be a badly painted plastic statue or DLC, that’s for sure. Instead, you get a visit from the Krater game designer himself, Victor Magnuson.

Once Victor rocks up at your house, he’ll cook you a meal, based on a menu that includes Viking Burgers, Swedish meatballs, Ester Ore Pretto Pizza or a Fisksaetra Pita Burger Special. Sounds scrumptious.

In addition to that, Magnuson will even hang around a couple of hours with you, and tell you how to play the game properly. Heck, if you don’t even want to sample the European cuisine, Magnuson will fly on over to your house for the gaming session, for a mere $9000!

Yes, it most likely is a joke, and no one will actually fork over that much cash for the “Victor Edition”. The thing is, the option to actually do it, is on the site, so who knows? Maybe Magnuson will have to actually don some chef clothing and fulfill his end of the agreement.

Mean while, this stunt has given me a great idea. Buy one of my old games for several thousand Rands, and I’ll crash at your house, pick a fight with your cat and tell you how to play Barbie Horse Adventures properly. Sweet deal, amiright?

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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