Ben Heck’s amazing automatic disc changer

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One of the biggest complaints about the Xbox 360 is that when playing L.A. Noire we need to get off the couch to change discs every couple of hours. Okay fine it’s not really a major complaint but lets pretend it is.

Now thanks to the miracles of Ben Heck we no longer have to move our body at all when we need to change discs in L.A. Noire or take a break from fighting crime to stick in Batman: Arkham Asylum and fight… okay yeah not a great example.

If you didn’t know Ben Heck is he has become Internet famous for his amazing mods on Xbox 360’s, controllers and pretty much all other electronics that he can get his hands on.

This time he has taken on the challenge of making a multi-disc changer for an Xbox 360. It’s a pretty lengthy video but it’s well put together and I do love the way he makes everything look so easy while explaining that it really isn’t.

Last Updated: July 12, 2011

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