Bethesda Not Implementing Post-Ending Play For Fallout 3 On PS3

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Headshot! Bethesda, in their wisdom, told MTV Multiplayer (via Kotaku) that they won’t be implementing post-ending play for their post-apocalyptic sim Fallout 3 for the PS3, even though it will be in the Xbox 360 and PC DLC. Todd Howard, executive producer and all-round important guy said “Not at this time, no.” Translated from Bethesda language, ” No as we can’t be bothered.”

The question is why wont they. Surely it will would take one line of code or a flip of switch to activate it. One theory is Fallout 3 sold so poorly on the PS3 so it isn’t worth there time. That makes no sense because they have just added trophy support. Another theory is Microsoft, seeking to pip Sony, paid them not to. This is unlikely too as it is quite an insignificant feature to buy, especially compared to the GTA 4 DLC.

My theory after the jump.

My theory is Bethesda wont admit that they keep releasing badly coded games and hope no one notices it, rather attributing broken quests and disappearing NPCs to ‘the games charm’. Remember how broken Morrowind was when it launched?  Even after the million patches it was still broken. Oblivion was riddled with bugs too, and they took aeons to get a useful patch out too.

Bethesda, please just fix it so people can enjoy the game properly. The point of Fallout 3 is exploring, so let PS3 owners explore your game. Common sense people, common sense.

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What is your theory?

Source: MTV Multiplayer

Last Updated: January 26, 2009

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