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Bethesda Releases a statement – Don’t panic we are working on it

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The latest DLC was released for Fallout 3 onto the PC and Xbox 360 yesterday and while the PC guys managed to get the file without any issues and are at this time running around The Pitt enjoying themselves, the 360 guys are suffering through floating exclamation marks, clipping and an all round impossible to play title.

We don’t know what went wrong but at the moment the best guess is that the wrong file was dumped on the 360 servers as it was around 190Mb smaller than the PC version… This just makes me giggle to be honest as I have often released the wrong version of code and the consequences are normally pretty disastrous and unexpected.

Bethesda are busy pulling the release and will have a shiny new one ready in the very near future…

But the question has to be asked, did no one test this build before putting it up for download? What happened to the previously extensive certification process?

Granted for most of the guys and girls who downloaded this the 500Mb bandwidth wasted is nothing but there is an extra sting in the tale for people who have to pay for the bandwidth…

I think it’s only fair that Microsoft or Bethesda hand over a 50% refund to everyone who has already downloaded the code, that will teach them to be more careful next time.

[UPDATE: We have heard from Major Nelson on Twitter that there will definitely be no re-release for the DLC pack today, saying that “I just found out The Pitt is not going to be back on Marketplace until tomorrow. That’s all I know right now.”

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: March 25, 2009

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