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Biggest local gaming comp ever

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Show me the moneySo do you feel like making yourself a couple of thousand Rands just for playing some games over the weekend?

Yeah wouldn’t we all, but this is actually possible.

The North West Gaming Clan has organised a huge competition for the weekend of the 25th of July. Currently it’s mainly aimed at the PC guys but there will also be smaller prizes for a Xbox 360 tournament.

But the most important thing of all is that there will also be a Beer Garden (for over 18’s).

So if you are interested in winning the R5000 individual prize or R10 000 clan prize then click through the link below and sign up.

Source: North West Gaming Clan

Last Updated: July 14, 2008


  1. RossIRSA

    July 14, 2008 at 09:38

    Have you been to the site? It doesn’t say anything about what games are going to be played. That’s just frikken sweet right there.


  2. Sou1Co11ector

    August 4, 2008 at 22:05

    Here is the update on our LAN Competitions’ Results…

    ================================================== ==========================================

    We had some teething issues with our servers, scheduling, being a bit disorganized & ran late because of that – we’re sorry. We will improve all the above to ensure a smoother running event for our August event.

    We had a couple of smaller competitions to keep people playing & win some gift vouchers courtesy of BTGames, thanks Thinus & Shannon.

    We had a R500 voucher in a 5vs5 DotA event which was taken by Team Leogamer, two COD4 FFA rounds, M1gHTy took the first round & got the R100 voucher, mRFox took the second round & was awarded a R200 voucher. We also had a very fun 24 player Knife Fight with Ranger 77 taking the R100 voucher with 77 kills… We also gave away another R100 voucher to Fireblood for having the biggest share – 2,6Tb!

    Saturday was challenging, Eskom had cut the power to half of Rustenburg, including our venue. We lost a few people because this, but after an hour power was on again & we could continue onto the Counter-Strike: Source competition.

    M1gHTy led his team, Intensity to victory & R10,000, when they defeated BOT – who took R3,000 in the final for their second place in the CS:S competition. Legionaires took third when they beat Global Assault & got R2,000 for their efforts.

    Early Sunday at around 9:00 we started the C&C Tiberium Wars competition event.
    Dr. Thrax took first & R4,000, Anarki took second & R2,500 & MajorPain took third & R1,000.

    The Call of Duty Free for All event saw 22 players facing off in two groups. After four rounds each group was down to four players & then combined into one group of eight players – four were eliminated & four went into the final round.

    M1gHTy emerged on top & scored the first prize of R4,000, DemonicDeath took 2nd place & R2,500 & Anarki took third & R1,000.

    Congrats to all who won & a big thank you to all who attended & supported this event.


  3. Sou1Co11ector

    August 4, 2008 at 22:07

    I challenge all who think they are worthy of taking our money in a competition to attend our 29 – 31 August competition events.

    Games being played:

    Call of Duty 4 – 5vs5
    1st Prize R10,000*
    2nd Prize R 5,000*
    3rd Prize R 2,000*

    Defense of the Ancients (DotA) – 5vs5
    1st Prize R 4,000*
    2nd Prize R 2,500*
    3rd Prize R 1,500*

    Quake 3 Arena – Single Player Death Match
    1st Prize R 2,500*
    2nd Prize R 1,500*
    3rd Prize R 1,000*

    The schedule & rules for the events will be published on Monday & you can check it out at our site or forum.
    If you guys want to compete for the same amount of prize money make sure we have enough entrants to the competitions, as prize money will be coupled to the number of entrants.

    More entrants = Higher prize money

    * Prize money directly coupled to number of entrants, if entries aren’t enough for full payouts, smaller amounts will be issued.

    We do have an Open LAN as well every weekend at our Rustenburg Venue. We offer support for you guys playing Xbox360 via our buddy Thinus at the Rustenburg BTgames branch.

    Entry costs R50 per day for the Open LAN.
    So come & play for the day or the weekend as we have R1,000 in BTGames gift vouchers to give away as well.


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