Bioframe Diagnostics has sent out some interesting envelopes

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inFamous: Second Son has now hit the retail shelves and it has been welcomed warmly by reviewers across the planet with our own personal jaded reviewer giving the game a solid 9/10. Which is around 12/10 from me.

But inFamous isn’t only relying on online reviews and mainstream marketing. Nope they have also gone underground and sent out envelopes from Bioframe Diagnostics to gamers who had registered.

The cool packs started arriving on Friday and contain some tests you can perform at home to see if you have any conduit powers.

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The weird pixilation is to hide our friendly Canadian readers address and to remove his knife from the picture before everyone wants one of those as well.

We are still waiting to hear if he comes up as a positive conduit. This is one of my dreams though, could you imagine getting something like this for real in your inbox only to find out you have super powers and can help ruin or perfect the world?

I still don’t have a PlayStation 4 and I’m really miserable about that right now. inFamous looks like the defining game for the PlayStation 4 in the early years and something that every gamer should experience at least once.

Last Updated: March 24, 2014

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