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Bioshock Infinite Heavy Hitters–Handyman

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Earlier this week I posted up about the Robotic Patriot in the upcoming Bioshock Infinite and now the second video of the Heavy Hitters has been released and it’s the truly terrifying Handyman.

And no it’s not like a Geoff handyman who often gets a little to handsy close to good looking women, you’ve been warned, but rather a huge half robot half man killing machine who terrifies everyone around it.

While we will find out in the game how these Handymen came about for now all we know is that it’s a pretty sad story and they are entirely trapped in these things now and very upset about it.

The Handymen have no other desire but to rip your head off and are quite happy to pick up other characters, even their colleagues, to hurl at you so everyone generally steers clear when a Handyman arrives.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game and face up to one of these guys, but man how quick does that thing move at the end.


Last Updated: March 15, 2012

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