Bioshock Infinite is getting some optimal Nvidia drivers

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Elizabeth Prime

It’s out. It’s finally, finally out today. After months of waiting and a delay or two, my cookbook is at last out on store shelves today, alongside several legal waivers. By the way, so is that Bioshock Infinite game. And the PC version is getting some extra graphical love by the looks of things.

Provided that you have enough of that RAM junk in the trunk, you might just be living up to that PC Master Race slogan when you start exploring the floating city of Columbia today. Nvidia has released some new graphical drivers for the game, which Nvidia says will make the game prettier than that lady at a bar after you’ve had about way too many beersh to drink hic*.

The 314.22 drivers will supposedly up the performance by around 41%, according to a field test done with a GTX 680 card that was running the game at a resolution of 2560×1600 on the Ultra settings. These new drivers are also going to affect Tomb Raider, which under the same conditions can see upwards of a 71% increase in performance and fabulous hair.

For more info on which games are going to look prettier than a Shelby GT 500, and a whole heap of charts to emphasise that point, head on over to the Nvidia website.

Or you could just download the drivers with this link, and bathe in the glory of super-ultra-mega PC visuals.

Last Updated: March 26, 2013

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