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Bioshock Infinite is going to tear reality a new one

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Bioshock Infinite ain’t just a game that has you shooting steampunk automatons and random soldiers y’know! The game so far is looking good, but it has an additional hook besides the emotional story that Irrational Games head cheese Ken Levine has promised. Side character Elizabeth happens to be a special lady, one that can open up tears into the fabric of space and time. And that ability is going to form a major part in the story itself.

“They’re actually central to the plot of the game” Levine said to PC Gamer. “I’ve always felt that the game systems and your narrative have to be interwoven. You didn’t just find magic powers in Rapture. They were very tied in to what happened with the city.”

They were very tied in to the vision of the city, these people trying to perfect themselves and the hubris of that. But that’s tied into the splicers and your powers and everything that happened to you and who you were.

Elizabeth’s story and the tears and why she was in that tower and what her powers mean are central to the game.

Levine also described that certain tears were more important compared to the others in “some aspects”, something that Levine says was difficult to explain when the feature was originally revealed.

We really had trouble explaining, even to the press, exactly what the tears were until we did that thing at E3 with the Revenge of the Jedi thing. Obviously it evolved into a slightly different form in the actual game, now that you’re playing the actual game.

But it very quickly explained a lot to people, in a very clear way, what was going on. Some of these things are just useful for conveying information, and some of them are useful as part of a larger mystery.

BioShock: Infinite arrives a month later next year March, on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Unless it tears itself another new release date that is.

Last Updated: December 19, 2012

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