Bioshock Infinite’s secret hidden music will blow your mind

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed while playing through Bioshock Infinite, but throughout the entire game, the audio is punctuated with these low, deep groans that almost sounds like Rapture’s Big Daddies. It turns out that there’s much, much more to it than meets the eye, or ear, as it happens.

Both Gamesradar and Polygon’s Arthur Gies noticed something funny when they played heir gameplay videos back at a higher speed – and it seems there’s a wealth of music hidden in BioShock Infinite.

Check it out. Neither video contains much in the way of spoilers.

That’s pretty mindblowing stuff – and it has to make you wonder just how prevalent this is, and what else could be lurking beneath the surface of Bioshock Infinite.

Last Updated: April 5, 2013

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