Bioshock Infinite’s Ultimate prize winner is…

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This is the post many of you have been waiting for. We’ve finally selected a winner for our ridiculous amazing BioShock Infinite prize, which includes the Songbird Edition of the game, A bloody Skyhook, a T-shirt and two figurines. That, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a pretty amazing prize. Did you win? Probably not, but let’s have a look and see who did!


That’s one lucky fellow named Michael Prinsloo right there. The next 4 randomly selected winners; Kyle , Vincent, Johannes and Nico each get an Elizabeth figurine, while the next 4; Nico, Terrence, Michael and Erwin get the Boys of silence figurine.

The next nine; Bjorn, Ezzat, David, Daniel, Ansie, Umar, Jacques, Slade and Jonathan  get T-shirts. Hooray! The rest of you get nothing. sorry about that.

Congratulations to the winners! Please send your addresses through to [email protected], and we’ll get the lovely folks at Megarom to send your prizes off to you.

Last Updated: April 5, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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