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BioShock on the Vita is probably never happening

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Way back before BioShock Infinite was even out, Ken Levine climbed on stage at E3 in 2011, to announce that BioShock was headed to the PlayStation Vita. 3 years on, and it looks like it’s never going to happen. Worse…it sounds like it could have been pretty damned amazing.

It’s all come down to Sony and 2K not being able to finalise a deal. Ken Levine got a little chatty on Twitter, spilling a few details on the ill-fated game.

If Levine had his way, it would end up as a turn-based game, along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics or XCOM. I’m not entirely sure how it would work exactly, but a pre-fall Rapture turn-based strategy game sounds pretty awesome to me. It’d be miles better than a straight up port of Infinite, at least,

As of now, don’t expect BioShock to ever grace the Vita, as a port, a turn-based game or anything else really. It’s hardly surprising, with Irrational Games being closed, and Sony’s very near abandonment of the Vita as a games platform. 2K owns the Bioshock property, so it may yet happen. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

Isometric Bioshock 2D Header Image courtesy of the lovely chaps who make Stasis.

Last Updated: July 8, 2014

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