Bioshock (PC) widescreen glitched fixed..

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Racer_S, one of the members of widescreengaming forums who contributes towards fixes/hacks to get games running in true widescreen has come to the rescue yet again.

Lazy posted about the widescreen bug earlier, where all that was happening was a 4:3 picture was being cropped down to 16:9. The link to the hack is here. Judging by the replies it does indeed work.


Source: WSGF

Last Updated: August 22, 2007

  • ok this is for PC only I assume?

  • feo


    I remember reading that the XBox360 version also suffers from this bug. I guess the only way a fix will be made available is through an online update.

  • Ruslan

    Its not really a bug. Just an option the developers undertook to affect 4:3 players without prejudice.

  • feo

    But other games can happily run in 4:3 and true 16:9 without any cropping so I don’t see why it has to be with Bioshock. The whole point of playing in widescreen is to have a wider FOV.

  • Ruslan

    Maybe its a UE3 engine limitation?

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