Bioware : Don’t Delete Those Mass Effect Saves

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ME2 Bioware have been annoyingly coy lately; first they tease us with a trailer barren of gameplay, but with news that the protagonist of the first game – Commander Shepard – might no longer be alive. Now, they’re insisting gamers hold on to their saves from the first game – This means that obviously something transfers over to the sequel.

What, if their titillations are to believed, is to be carried over to the sequel if your hero from the first is dead? Is Shepard dead? Did Shepard fake his/her own death, as a way to ninja into a Geth stronghold? Why is Bioware doing this to me?

Chris Priestly, Community Coordinator on the Mass Effect forums had this to say :

“This is just your first taste of Mass Effect2. We are not yet discussing the details of the game.”

I want to punch him in the face.

Source : Mass Effect Community

Last Updated: February 24, 2009

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