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Bioware is apparently working on a new game in one of their “most prestigious franchises”

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Oh you sweet fallen King, Bioware. You were the best of them, a brave developer charting untraveled waters with your incredible RPGs. For a time, it seems impossible that you could ever disappoint us. Yet the years have not been kind, have they? After the dismal experience that was Mass Effect: Andromeda and the dismal Anthem, you’ve fallen from your throne in a way that’s far from graceful. Is there room for forgiveness in our hearts? Is it possible for the pubic to offer up one more chance at redemption? The hearts of humanity are messy, filled with contrivances. Yet would we be more accepting of your toils if it was focused on one of your “most prestigious franchises”?


I suppose that depends entirely on which franchise we’re talking about. Spotted in a job listing via Segment Next, as most good leaks are these days, Bioware is currently hiring for the “next major title in one of [our] most prestigious franchises.” Whatever could they mean by that? Like I said before, they’ve confirmed that the next Dragon Age is in development so why would they not just say that? It’s possible that Bioware is looking even further into the future than that, although one should be cautious in their excitement. With the chore of completely overhauling Anthem and Dragon Age in the early stages of development, you’d hope Bioware wasn’t stretching themselves too thin.


It’s also possible, given that rumours have been blowing in the breeze for a while now, that this unannounced project is the next Mass Effect. Back in November, there was chit-chat that Bioware Edmonton were working on the next instalment of the beloved sci-fi RPG. Mike Gamble, who worked on nearly all the previous Mass Effect games, was said to be involved in the project but this is still unconfirmed. It’s all wild speculation at this point as Bioware continues developing games, completely undeterred by their previous failures. I suppose there’s something admirable in that. Frustrating, yet admirable. 

Last Updated: March 27, 2020

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