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With about a year to go until Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware is clearly determined not to make the same mistakes as they did with Dragon Age II. In fact, they are on a fact-finding mission to determine why people liked Dragon Age to begin with.

Jessica Merizan, Bioware’s Community manager, sent out a tweet looking for feedback:


The link will take you to a survey about Community Gameplay Styles and Preferences. These include questions about platform ownership and use, as well as preferred party compositions. It seems rather unbalanced as a survey. After asking players to rate the level of importance of elements such as puzzle solving, relationships and romance, storyline, combat and creature design, the entire second half of the survey is about combat. What tactics did you use in previous games, how did you customize the AI, etc.

That said, at least they are showing a commitment to getting things right this time. I like that they’re looking at party combinations and what aspects people enjoyed the most. So go complete the survey like good little monkeys – we have to do our part to ensure that we get the games that we want.

Last Updated: October 17, 2013

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