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Black Ops 2 Surprise Action trailer and info drop

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I’m not a fan of live action trailers in general for videogames, I’m not exactly sure why but they always seem just that little bit stupid compared to the normal blockbuster trailers we get.

Having said that I can’t really say for sure yet if I dislike this new live action Black Ops 2 trailer or not. The live action part doesn’t do it for me but the range of weapons and skills showcased look awesome and the idea of having my own warhounds on the battlefield really does appeal.

Which of these gamers are you?

Following on from that gameranx has collated a bunch of new information from the game designer behind Black Ops 2

  • Black Ops 2 will now have Global Stats leaderboards
  • Playlists are no longer gated by levels
  • Music volume can now be adjusted
  • You cannot have two of the same Scorestreak Rewards unless one is from a Care Package
  • For those who didn’t choose a secondary for their loadout, you pick up a gun and your primary weapon will still be the same
  • Players can set one of the game modes to launch on default (Campaign, Zombie Mode, Multiplayer). Same feature with Black Ops 1
  • Black Ops 2 will ship with 14 multiplayer maps (15 if you count the pre-order bonus Nuketown 2025)
  • Treyarch has no plans to release Nuketown 2025 for those who haven’t pre-ordered
  • Domination is round-based with halftime
  • Combat recorded stats are in League Play
  • You don’t need to be in a party to enter League Play matches
  • Players can make and store multiple emblems and then "apply" the one you prefer — a fan-requested feature that’s now a reality
  • Putting emblems and tags on weapons is a reward for weapon prestige

I’ve bolded the ones that interest me in that list and I really do wonder if Treyarch are really going to not release Nuketown 2025 as a mini DLC in the coming months. I just can’t see Activision turning down an easy couple of million just to prove some asinine point.

Black Ops 2 is nearly here, have you pre-ordered?

Last Updated: October 30, 2012

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