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Blackwater, the worlds first true FPS on Kinect

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When I hear the word Blackwater the first thing that comes to mind are the private mercenaries in Iraq who have constantly been accused of corruption, overt violence or just plain over manliness.

Blackwater is a private security firm based in North Caroline who are often contracted out by the Pentagon to help them in scenarios not deemed suitable for enlisted army folk. Such scenario’s often revolve around being a bodyguard but if rumours are to be believed they are also contracted out for the less legal jobs the government needs completing.

Basically the American government contracts out a private army for it’s dirty work, now doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

But it seems Blackwater weren’t making enough money from their core business and have decided to create a videogame around their company to show off their masculinity. Then someone told them they’d make more money if they made it a Kinect enabled title and this is the result.

I’m interested to see if the aiming is even possible with Kinect and if it is how well it plays out compared to a console. I do know for sure that hiding behind a couch will do nothing but force Kinect to pause and let you know that it can’t see you anymore so I’m really not sure what the developers are trying to show with that little routine.

Blackwater will be released locally so we’re all going to get a chance to jump around the living room and embed our feet into our TV screens.

Last Updated: October 7, 2011

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