Blame the PS3 for GTA IV being delayed

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So the news is finally sinking in properly that we won’t be playing GTA IV this holiday season. Now that we have accepted that we obviously need someone to hurl abuse at…

So who is reponsible for GTA IV being delayed…

Well if the internet is to be believed then all blame is to be placed firmly at the feet of Sony and their PS3…

From being to difficult to develop for, to not being able to handle the graphics, to being competely unplayable everyone has a reason to blame Sony…

The only accusation being aimed at Microsoft is that a normal DVD may not be big enough to hold the game.

However since all the previous demos have been run off an Xbox 360 it is highly unlikely that the 360 is actually at fault here.

Yeah we may end up with multiple discs for the 360 version but at least we know it’s going to work. The latest rumour site is stating that the PS3 version is completely unplayable. 

So who should really be blamed? Possibly the developers who should have realised the problems earlier or has something just come out of the blue here?

Last Updated: August 7, 2007

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