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Blizzard kick off the 2015 edition of their ‘Rock the Cabinet’ contest

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you'll have to mod for something bigger than this I think lolol

If you’ve got a thing for modding, especially in StarCraft II, listen up – Blizzard have just revealed details on their latest Arcade contest. Why should you consider entering Rock the Cabinet? Because there are awesome prizes up for grabs… DUH!

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest Blizzard Arcade contest, Rock the Cabinet 2015. If you were a part of the contest last year, then you’ve seen some of the amazing games the modding community has created in the past. This time around, we’re recognizing the incredible efforts of even more creators and awarding them with over $30,000 in cash and prizes.

“SIGN ME UP!” is what I would’ve said if I actually knew a damned thing about making or modding games. I think I’ll have to team up with Alessandro, win, and then take the biggest cut for myself. This is what friends are for, right?

If you’re interested in doing the same (entering, not screwing your friends over), here’s the brief:

To celebrate the Warcraft III assets we released earlier this year, the theme for Rock the Cabinet 2015 will be Fantasy. We want your best, brand-new game set in a magical world of your creation. We want to see swords and bows, dragons and goblins, orcs and elves, anything that will transport players into a fantasy setting. Though we’d love to see the Warcraft III models in action, they’re not required and you are absolutely welcome to use any and all tools at your disposal.

And the incentive to work hard at your entry? Oh I don’t know, just this very cool first prize:

Honestly, the cash and Blizzcon tickets (and all the other loot really) is awesome, but a chance to chat with Starcraft II development team? Invaluable, especially if you are looking for a career in making games.

If you’re interested in standing a chance to win that opportunity, you can find out everything you need to know about the Rock the Cabinet contest right here. Entries close on October 28th, giving you a little over 3 months to really push out a cracking mod.


Last Updated: July 17, 2015

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