Blockbuster Bandit Settles For Xbox 360

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A guy in London has robbed a local Blockbuster of a Xbox 360 after being told that they had no PS3’s.

In what can only be described as the most economical way of getting your hands on one of the next gen consoles the guy walked into the blockbuster in London and after pulling out a gun demanded that the cashier hand over a PS3.

After being told that they had no PS3’s the robber was quiet happy to settle for a Xbox 360 and a bunch of games instead. I guess it’s going to cost Blockbuster the same in the end anyway…

I know the consoles are expensive but this is going a bit overboard.

An armed robber who demanded a Playstation 3 at gunpoint agreed to settle for an Xbox 360 when staff told him they didn’t stock the computer game console.

Source: Blockbuster Bandit Settles For Xbox 360 (from This Is Local London)

Last Updated: May 3, 2007

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