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Blood, Guts, but no tan lines

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To be frank, and let’s be honest here, there are simply not enough games featuring bikini clad women chopping apart zombies with samurai swords. Even if you take the more tame, less offensive approaches, featuring something like elves or barbarians or bullet witches, it doesn’t all seem to come together. For what seems to be a pretty straight-forward genre – hack ‘n slash RPG – so many developers don’t get it right. If people who enjoyed such games really cared about the story and statistics that means anything other than a bigger weapon, we wouldn’t have the ‘hack’ and ‘slash ‘ stamped on the front.

Now girls in bikinis slashing zombies with a sword sounds like the right direction. So, how about a cow girl with a scarf cutting up the undead? Sheer art. It’s the kind of game you rarely see. Called the poor man’s Devil May Cry, Oneechanbara (marketed as Zombie Zone in Europe) is all that and more. Apart from a HUD so retro you can just smell the stale arcade smoke, it’s stupidly gory. The bikini is amazingly petite. And there’s plenty of blood. In fact, the character’s sword get sluggish the bloodier it becomes and it might even get stuck to enemies. But you can clean it with an impressive ‘swish!’, leaving a spray of blood staining the floor. One online movie reveals a boss fight against a zombie Orca.

Classy stuff.

Read on for a few videos.

The game was ported to the Wii and 360 after a (presumably) good run on the PlayStation 2. The game expands its suggestion that swimwear models do have other career oppertunities, debuting a second character clad in a school uniform. That means co-op zombie slashing! See the last video for that. Alas, it’s exclusive to Japan, apart from some limited distribution in Europe. But it will try and reach all cultures soon, since the game has been greenlighted for a film adaptation. Probably not a good first date movie.

The new character:


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Last Updated: April 7, 2008

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  1. Not sure the gameplay is my type of thing but the game looks like a sure fire winner in other departments 🙂


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