Bloodborne has some deliciously gruesome weapons

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Bloodborne 3
Bloodborne has fans of Demon Souls all sorts of excited. It’s back to being a PlayStation exclusive and it’s got a dark, gruesome feeling to it. It’s definitely looking like a quality RPG already, with some especially interesting weapons for you to cut down big bad nasties with.
Bloodborne is adding a handful of new features to the tried-and-tested Demon Souls/Dark Souls formula. These include no dodges, a revamped health system and some awesome new weapons. The weapons are particularly interesting because of their ability to transform during battle, and not like that lame Bumblebee guy.

As you can see in the concept art below, Bloodborne’s weapons almost have two modes. The game’s trademark barbed wire wrapped saw thing is able to extend, letting you reach enemies at a greater range. The same goes for the game’s demonic looking axe, and I expect there to be distinguishing trade-offs between the two combat styles.

Bloodborne 5

Bloodborne 4

It’ll probably translate to longer ranges equalling smaller damage, and vice versa. It’s interesting that players will be able to extend and contract their weapons at any given time, with the transformations not being tied to specific combos. That gives combat a whole new layer of depth, and probably adds to the insane difficulty.

Bloodborne 6

Bloodborne 7

Bloodborne is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 next year.

Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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