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Bloodborne is more difficult with the lights turned on

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Bloodborne is obscenely cruel at times through its own brand of misdirection. Although it’s a bit generous to call it that – since that would entail that there was some sort of direction to begin with. Part of the allure of From Software’s titles comes from just how obscure and non-sensible some things are. For example, how the lantern you’ve been carrying around is actually making your game harder.

One of the items I personally picked up early in the game was the Hand Lantern, which lit up 99% of the game without the need for me to stow away my trusty side-arm. It works, and I’ve often thought about whether the light actually allows enemies to more easily detect me from afar. That was, however, the only logical disadvantage that came to mind, but as it turns out the item handicaps you in far worse way.

Despite being mounted to your belt buckle, having the lantern equipped reduces the recharge time of your stamina bar – which is used for attacks, dodging and pretty much everything else that’s meant to keep you alive. What’s more frustrating is that the item description doesn’t allude to this at all, so only some truly keen-eyed players (so, not me) figured it out.


You can see the effects for yourself in the video below. It’s oh so minor, but in a game where even the slightest miscalculation of your most important resource can result in death, it’s pretty severe. If you’ve been rolling around Yarnham with the lights on, maybe it’s time to go at it in the dark for a bit.

At the very least for those vicious boss fights. Curse you Watchdog of the Old Lords!

Last Updated: April 16, 2015

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