Blu-Ray Competition – Results

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By Philip Dunkley

Blu-Ray competition Okay, so during last week, we ran quite a few comps, and one of them was centered around a few Blu-Ray titles. 5 Blu-Ray titles to be exact. So the question I asked you was the following:

What do you lovely people think the combined weight of the 5 BD discs are, bearing in mind that they are in Slim Line cases?

Now I can see that many of you have obviously got scales at home, and some of you have never seen a scale or picked up a BD before in your lives!!! But there were some pretty close answers, but it had to come down to the person who got the closest. Here is the actual weight:


And congratulations to: Dane Wallace for coming in with a respectable 462g, you obviously own a few of these discs already.

Thanks to Ster Kinekor Home entertainment for supplying the BD Titles and we will continue doing reviews in the weeks to come.

Dane, please shoot me your details, and I will send them off ASAP.

Last Updated: July 14, 2008

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