Bluetooth connection issue arises with Sixaxis

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 Over at the NEOGAF forums there has been a surge in users complaining about their Sixaxis losing it’s connection with the PS3 for +- 3 seconds before reconnecting…

It does not seem to be related to battery charge or any other environmental cause. Losing your controller for 3 seconds in the middle of say Resistance could be extremely annoying…

Sony UK was completely unaware of the faults when contacted and indicated that they think the guys experiencing this issue may have dropped or damaged the controllers in one way or another…. However the problem does not exist when the controller is connected by USB so that might be the safer option for important gaming sessions…

Distressed forum goers have experienced frequent connection failure between their Sixaxis controllers and the PS3.
The fault, which seems to occur at random, results in a complete loss of control for around three seconds.
The numerous posters in two separate NEOGAF forum discussions (here and here) have noted that the error is unrelated to the battery charge level, with low battery power being the initial suspected cause.

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Last Updated: March 15, 2007

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