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Bookmark This: The PC Gaming Wiki!

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PC gaming can be a wonderful thing; greater performance, higher quality textures and resolutions  and shinier graphics and the precision of a mouse can elevate Pc games beyond their console counterparts. PC gaming can also be a nightmare of a headache – with patches, tweaks and guides just to get things to work. While Steam (and other digital services) have made PC gaming easier than ever before (remember having to load stuff in to high mem to free up that 640K of conventional memory just to get games to run?), it can still be quite a bother to find all the necessary information to make games work.

The PC Gaming Wiki 2.0  wants to fix that.

What is likely to become the biggest single collection of tips, tweaks and hacks for PC games, the PC Gaming Wiki aims to be a one-stop resource for all PC gamers – so you’ll never have to search through countless forum posts to find out why your game isn’t working. If you’ve ever spent hours pulling your hair out in frustration as your game crashes to desktop again and again you’ll appreciate what they’ve done.

“We’ve all spent hours trawling through forums, websites and support Q&A to get a PC game to work. Do you spend more time researching and setting up games than actually playing them? We present to you PCGamingWiki, with a page for every PC game, for optimisations, settings, common fixes and hacks. Let’s fix PC Gaming!” says the site’s main page.

Here’s what you can expect to find at the PC Gaming Wiki

  • Performance issues and fixes
  • Optimisations, cfgs and hacks
  • Save game locations and syncing
  • Bugs, workarounds and community patches
  • Alt-tab and fullscreen windowed mode
  • Cutscene and video skipping

Don’t expect workarounds to DRM though. Still, it’s a great idea – and hopefully makes it so you spend more time playing your games, and less time getting them to work.

Last Updated: February 27, 2012

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