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Borderlands 3 kicks off a farming frenzy on Legendary items today

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There’s a certain joy in Borderlands 3 when you open up your personal vault and see nothing but orange-coded weapons for days. All legendary-level kit, each one having a certain perk that makes them awesome and just sitting there waiting to be used by any of the Vault Hunters in your save game employ. They’re also legendary for a reason as these guns happen to be the rarest of the rare, prized loot drops with so much impact that the mini-map itself goes to great lengths to remind you that something special just spilled out of the guts of a fallen foe.

If you’ve been having some trouble collecting them, then good news! Gearbox has revealed the Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy, which kicks off later today and runs until January 30. Drop rates on legendary items will be increased, with some of those guns even having the perkiest of Anointed perks in their overall stats. “To help you track down your desired targets, Rare Spawn enemies will show up more often for the duration of the event,” Gearbox explained.

If you’ve been chasing after some of Borderlands 3’s most sought-after Legendary drops and Anointed items, this is the time to jump in and score the loot that’ll make your dream Vault Hunter build a reality.

Farming Frenzy also comes hot on the heels of Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite and its temporary rejiggering for solo players today. A hard as nails experience, having a few of those top tier guns is a must for tackling it. As for the guns that are worth adventuring into the dankest dens of depravity for? One-Pump Chump is a glorious KO shotgun, Double Penetrating Laser-Sploder operates like a Ghostbusters proton pack if it was designed by a pyromaniac and Night Hawkins is an SMG that simply shreds through anything in front of it.

There’s a whole lot more out there and each gun does work beautifully in tandem with certain Vault Hunter builds, so experiment and see what suits your character best.

Last Updated: January 16, 2020

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