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Borderlands DLC Dated

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Borderlands, as many of you know, is digital crack. A horribly addictive, time-sink of a game that eats away hours of your life, leaving black spots in your memory. If you, like anybody addled with such an addiction just can’t get enough, you’ll likely be frothing at the mouth with the news that the game’s first DLC has been given a date.

On November 24 – provided you like to do your gaming on consoles – you’ll be able to pick up The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Banana Dollars, depending on your platform of choice.

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, of course, adds the obligatory living dead to the list of creatures inhabiting Pandora; "ferocious brain-eating zombies, carnivorous Were-Skags and more…" And more? I can’t wait!

As for PC players of Borderlands? 2K Games reps say "We will have more information for the PC version at a later date." Which means you may be waiting quite a while – although the DLC probably won’t cost you a thing. Pretty worthwhile trade-off, if you ask me.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: November 10, 2009

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