Borderlands Legends launch trailer

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We here at Lazygamer quite obviously love Borderlands, so when we heard about Borderlands Legends. a mobile game for iOS we were filled with enthusiasm. That enthusiasm was unfortunately misplaced.

The game’s out now, for $7 on the iPad – and it’s unfortunately not worth getting. Featuring the vault hunters from the original game, you’ll destroy tons of enemies in a wave-based game of survival, collect cash for new weapons new weapons, level up and gain new abilities. And not have any fun whatsoever, because the game, developed by 2K’s studio in China, is absolutely terrible featuring none of the things that make Borderlands awesome.

Like many action games for iOS, the thing just doesn’t control well – and is made even worse by a tone that doesn’t fit, poor writing and absolutely no loot at all. In short, it’s a complete waste of money, a complete waste of time, and an insult to the Borderlands name.

It really is a case of publisher 2K games trying to cash in on the Borderlands name. Pity it’s not worth the download. Here’s the game’s launch trailer though!

Last Updated: November 1, 2012

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