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Bounty hunting in EVE developer diary

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CCP Games has released a new developer diary introducing CCP Ripley, a lovely heavily accented lady who takes you on a tour of the CCP offices in Reykjavik, Iceland. But the highlight of the video isn’t the blond beauty, but rather the bounty hunting maniac.

Ripley introduces you to the EVE online development teams and shows off what they will be delivering for EVE Online: Retribution on 4 December. In the video you will see marvels such as tiny hello kitties, exploding first bumps, velociraptors, pinups and the brutal hunting of bounties. Unfortunately that’s all I got from the video, Icelandic accent decoders for hire? For those who love EVE, you probably would have gotten other things out of this video, like information on features that will be introduced in this free expansion.

Last Updated: October 15, 2012

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