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Boy finds a bag of meth in used copy of Grand Theft Auto V

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It’s not the first time, and it likely isn’t the last time – but children have stumbled across drugs in their second-hand copies of Grand Theft Auto. In 2009, a man named Richard Thornill bought a used copy of Grand Theft Auto from GameStop, only to find what he believed to be four ecstasy tablets in the game case.

Fast forward to 2017, and it’s happened again. According to a report by Kotaku, a family found a bag of meth in used copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. The Havana, Florida mother Kayla McAllister, says her 11 year old son was flipping through the manual for a used copy of GTA V when a bag of the white stuff fell out. They called the police, and who promptly found it to be meth.

Here’s what she said on Facebook:

Today i took my son to gamestop in Tallahassee to trade in games and get some new ones. When he opened the booklet inside one of the pre owned games he ( MY ELEVEN YEAR OLD SON!!!!!!!) found this. A baggie of fucking meth! Clearly the game was not properly checked when it was traded in and because of the carelessness i could have lost a child. Thankfully He brought it right to us and said what is this?

The situation echoes another that happened at, yes, another GameStop, when a different 11 year old boy found a bag of meth inside a used copy of (Surprise!) GTA V. It’s all starting to sound a bit like BioShock. There’s always a drug. There’s always a GameStop. There’s always a used copy of GTA.

The moral here, according to Mcallister is simple:

“PLEASE CHECK ALL THE PRE OWNED GAMES YOU BUY!!! Just the thought of something happening to any of my kids because of something as crazy as this kills me. SO PLEASE PLEASE CHECK EVERYTHING!”

Of course, people shouldn’t be buying games like GTA for their prepubescent children, which makes her actions just as irresponsible as GameStop’s. GTA Games are of course, rated Mature, as they’re filled with explicit and gratuitous violence, nudity, coarse language, and drug and alcohol abuse. Nobody expects those drugs to be real though. `

Last Updated: May 10, 2017

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