Brace yourselves – The Steam Summer Sale is here

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It may be colder than my attitude towards donating charitably to human rights organisations, but it’s about to get a little hot in here. Prepare your wallets and start lubing up your credit card account folks, because the heat is indeed on in the Steam Summer Sale.

So what kind of deals can you grab in the possibly welcome week before payday? Well for starters RPG favourite Torchlight 2 is going for $4.99 right now, while you can also nab some newer titles such as a pre-load of Dead Rising 3 for $37.49.

Then there’s the usual flash sales which consist of rock bottom prices on four games for eight hours only. At the time of writing, that includes games such as Anno 2070, Naruto Too Damn Long Title, Castlevania 2 and Half-Life 2. That’s three-quarters of games that are not kak for under $10.

As usual, there’s going to be a lot of binge-buying. My top tip? If you buy any games, buy them all as gifts. That way, when buyers remorse kicks in later and you’re faced with an even bigger backlog, you can at least sell them off.

Or don’t buy anything, really. My own personal backlog is ridiculously high right now, so I might just skip this sale until the Christmas one. Yep, just have to ignore those 75% off stickers and carry on my merry way and please Gabe don’t discount any more Hello Kitty games I’m begging you here.

So, bought anything decent so far?

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Last Updated: June 20, 2014

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