Braid is just a pretty copy

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Braid Copied

I finally gave into the hype and and downloaded this new XBLA game Braid.

It’s not that I was really avoiding it, I just had been overworked and hadn’t gotten around to checking the latest offerings.

So after seeing a billion and one articles on how uber awesome Braid is so I decided to give it a quick go.

I downloaded the game and decided to have a quick game before going to work… around half way through the the first level my wife got up and wandered through. The first she says is “This is Mario Bros”

I tell her in my patronising know all gamer voice, “No it’s just that they have taken parts of Mario Bros in homage of the game”… suitably impressed she sits back and watches me jump over some horizontally scrolling baddies, jump onto different platforms… bounce on top of scrolling baddies… jump over the plumbers pipe with a plant coming out of it, avoid the baddie shot from a cannon and then walk past the flag at the castle and say hi to a dinosour…

… my wife then looks at me… smiles in that “I’m right” sort of way and wandered off.

I have to admit, so far she is right. It’s a very pretty but blatantly copied version of Mario Bros…

When does a game stop being a blatant cheap copy of a game and rather becomes a homage to a game?

Think about it, if you take away those awesome oil like graphics would this game be getting anywhere near the reviews it is getting?

Hopefully today I will get to play the rest of the levels and change my mind… but for now I am not impressed.

Last Updated: August 11, 2008

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