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Brand new Batman: Arkham City gameplay footage

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Unfortunately the upcoming Batman: Arkham City is flying under the radar locally and we really don’t get to hear anything new about it. Which is a shame as it looks like it could well be one of the better titles released this year and anyone who is remotely interested in the Batman universe is going to want to pick up a copy of this.

Just below we have 12 minutes of gameplay footage taken directly from the upcoming title which shows enough of Catwoman to make us want more and gives us a good demonstration of the open world nature of the title.

I’ve also included a bunch of HD screenshots taken by LensOfTruth for those of you who aren’t really into video’s.

070211_batman_arkham_city_01 070211_batman_arkham_city_02070211_batman_arkham_city_03 070211_batman_arkham_city_04070211_batman_arkham_city_05 070211_batman_arkham_city_06070211_batman_arkham_city_07 070211_batman_arkham_city_08070211_batman_arkham_city_09 070211_batman_arkham_city_10070211_batman_arkham_city_11 070211_batman_arkham_city_12070211_batman_arkham_city_13 070211_batman_arkham_city_14070211_batman_arkham_city_15 070211_batman_arkham_city_16070211_batman_arkham_city_17 070211_batman_arkham_city_18070211_batman_arkham_city_19 070211_batman_arkham_city_20070211_batman_arkham_city_21 070211_batman_arkham_city_22070211_batman_arkham_city_23 070211_batman_arkham_city_24

Last Updated: July 4, 2011

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