New Tekken 6 Characters Revealed

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A nice bit of news for Tekken fans.

Two new characters have been revealed for the upcoming Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. The addition of these characters means that the character count is going to be in the 40 – 41 range! I don’t think anyone can say that they aren’t spoilt for choice.

So, the two new characters. A family member and a new ridiculous hairdo. Images and details after the jump.


Thanks to the Tekken Zaibatsu forums, an image has made its way onto the net showing off a female character who goes by the name of Alisa Boskonovich (You all remember Dr. Boskonovich, right?) and a new male character with a towering hairdo named Lars Alexanderson.

Members of the Tekken Zaibatsu forums speculate that Alisa could take on the same fighting style as Dr. Boskonovich, but we won’t know for sure until more details are released.

Namco are going to be showing Tekken 6 off later this week at the 46th annual AM Show in Tokyo, Japan so expect more details about the game soon.

source: sdtekken

Last Updated: September 15, 2008

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