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Breaking down all of the new subclasses and Supers in Destiny 2: Forsaken

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Arc energy crackles into life. Solar hammers fly from a lone Guardian and into the very surprised face of a Fallen Vandal who realises in an instant that he has indeed wasted his entire life. Dark Void energies brim and hum with excitement as reality is torn apart for a brief instant. By the Traveler, I do love me a chance to unleash the sum total of a Guardian’s power and use that to wreak untold havoc on any Red Legion troops unfortunate enough to be within my general vicinity.

In the upcoming Forsaken expansion, Bungie is tripling down on the Supers that give every Guardian a brief chance to shine on the battlefield. Every available subclass is getting a brand new skill tree, with those new additions ending with a deadly new Super to unleash. While the actual path of power will be staggered and will take weeks to complete for all three Guardian classes after Forsaken launches, it’ll be well worth the effort as the new subclasses will offer substantial new tweaks and strategies to the Destiny sandbox.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all nine new classes. Thanks Polygon:



Sentinel: Code of the Commander

  • Perk: Void ability damage will attach a void detonator to a target, with damage dealt creating an explosion that chains more damage and detonators to other enemies.
  • Grenade: When detonators explode, the player and his allies will regain some grenade energy.
  • Super: Banner Shield now creates a barrier of light that blocks incoming damage and allows players to fire through it at enemies.

Sunbreaker: Code of the Devastator

  • Perk: Solar damage kill increases player damage, buffing the Guardian up to a triple damage output.
  • Melee: Titans now throw a small hammer, which can be picked up after it lands to instantly recharge melee energy and provide a small amount of health upon retrieval.
  • Super: Instead of throwing multiple Sol hammers, Titans can now wield one massive sledgehammer with the Siege Hammer Super which unleashes tornados of solar energy in wide arcs.

Striker: Code of the Missile

  • Perk: Sliding through an ammo pick-up will instantly reload a weapon and provide a damage buff.
  • Melee: Imagine the Death From Above ability from the first Destiny, but smaller and builds a Super meter more quickly as players turn themselves into a human missile.
  • Super: Thundercrash, which amplifies the human missile aspect of the sub-class and allows you to aim the Guardian at enemies for an explosive return on Super investment



Voidwalker: Attunement of Fission

  • Perk: All Void ability kills will now restore ability energy and health.
  • Melee: Attacks will now generate an explosion ahead of the Warlock.
  • Super: Nova Warp now allows for pinpoint teleportation that ends with a massive Void energy explosion.

Stormcaller: Attunement of Control

  • Perk: Arc damage kills create Ionic Traces, which can be collected to recharge energy.
  • Melee: Stormcallers fire a small orb of Arc energy that explodes in front of them and sends forth a bolt of lightning through the ground.
  • Super: Chaos Reach creates a focused beam of Arc energy, which can be turned off at any given time.

Dawnblade: Attunement of Grace

  • Perk: Whenever a Dawnblade uses healing or buffing abilities, non-Super abilities are recharged more quickly.
  • Melee: Dawnblades can burn enemies and buff players with their melee, similar to how how the Empowering Rift works.
  • Grenade: Grenades can be charged to be transformed into Blessings, which heal players and create overshield pick-ups.
  • Super: Well of Radiance creates a larger pool of healing and buffing energy, which recharges the Warlock and allies at double the rate of previous pools.



Nightstalker – Way of the Wraith

  • Perk: Precision kills generate an invisibility field around the Hunter, and also allows them to see through walls with Truesight.
  • Melee: Smoke bombs now deal more damage and slow enemies down further.
  • Super: Spectral Blades grants the Nightstalker invisibility and massive backstabbing damage potential.

Gunslinger – Way of a Thousand Cuts

  • Perk: Enemies slain who happen to be on fire, will result in the melee ability being recharged. Burning enemies also recharges the dodge ability quicker.
  • Melee: Gunslingers throw out multiple blades which generates a burning effect on enemies.
  • Super: Blade Barrage allows Hunters to hurl multiple high damage blades at enemies.

Arcstrider – Way of the Current

  • Perk: All Arc abilities electrify enemies. Successful melee attacks disorient an enemy, recharge your abilities and result in quicker weapon reloads.
  • Melee: An Arcstrider melee is now activated by sliding, and ends with an Arc energy staff uppercut
  • Super: Whirling Guard results in an Arcstrider rotating their staff at high speed and reflecting projectiles back at an enemy for a triple damage buff.

I think I just activated my own Super, Discipline of Pearl Jam. You can guess exactly what that does to any garments covering my extremities.

      Last Updated: July 9, 2018

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      1. Sounds great, but the latest DLC should be free, since the last 2 was way below par.

        So I shall wait for a special.


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