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Broken Pixels – Spiderman 3

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It would be cliche to say that Spider-Man 3 was the game that broke the camel’s back were it not for the fact that Crispin Boyer, Shane Bettenhausen, and Seanbaby are now paraplegic husks of their former selves after playing an entire season’s worth of anguish-inducing games. They are powering down the Telefunk and wringing out the beer-soaked couch this week in preparation for Broken Pixels‘ final episode of the season, and what better game to bring us home than one based on a movie that turned an entire generation of fanboys flaccid.

Watch the gang resort to twelve-year-old quips as they equate Spider-Man’s web slingers to every phallic device imaginable in this week’s episode. The next season of Broken Pixels will kick off on January 6, 2009.

[Mandatory dodgy language warning on this one]

Last Updated: November 12, 2008

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